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3 Safe Penguin link building techniques

Back links. Two words that will remain a focus point in SEO for the foreseeable future. Back links are important for ensuring the health and stability of your website, as well as growing  traffic and authority. Safe Penguin link building takes a bit more finesse and care to achieve the desired results. In this post I talk briefly about the Dark Side of link building, and provide 3 ideas for safe Penguin link building.

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10 HD Motoring wallpapers

A selection of 10 HD motoring wallpapers for your laptop of desktop. All photos were taken by me at various tracks and events throughout the UK in 2012.

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google segments

6 ways to use Advanced Segments with simple tutorial

Google Analytics is a powerful tool but the data provided on the default dashboards only provides a top level overview of your website’s performance. With Google advanced segments, you can filter your data into easy to manage segments to identify problem pages and increase website performance. Take control of your analytics data with 6 ways to use advanced segments.

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