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Promoting your blog | Simple tips for promoting your online content

Simple tips for promoting your blog

Strong content has become a much more important part of online marketing in 2012. Getting the most out of your content is important and sharing and syndication are great way’s to do this. Here are some simple tips for promoting your blog.

When you have put a time and effort into your work, but even when you have downed keyboards, there is still work to be done in order to get the most out of your content online; It’s time to promote your work. Here are some simple tips for promoting your blog and online content.

Simple tips for promoting your blog

Use social media

  1. Add your post to your personal and company Facebook page’s.
  2. Talk about it on Twitter. Include teaser comments before release and scheduled reminders for a time after release.
  3. Create a board for your new posts and content on Pinterest.
  4. Share your post with your Linkedin contacts.
  5. Add to your Google+ profile, get followed links from your post.

Bookmark your posts

  1. Create an account on StumbleUpon. Start stumbling your posts and other relevant posts from other users.
  2. Submit yours posts to Digg and Delicious.
  3. Sign up and bookmark your posts on Reddit.
  4. Add a profile for your blog at technocrati, a great resource for blogs by category.

Commenting & reposting

Find other blogs with posts that are relevant to your own that you think you could add value to with your content. Some blogs will allow you to repost your content if it is good enough but others do not allow reposted content. Don’t overdo this, a handful of lightly modified reposts is fine but more could get both your own website and and that of the reposter penalised for duplicate content if you are note careful, which they won’t thank you for.

You may also be able to get a link from the comments section of the post. You will often have to build up trust with the site to get a link or be a member of a commenting system link Disqus to get a link but always remember not to spam comments and make sure your comment adds value to the page. Quality is worth more than quantity, don’t focus on the link, but the visibility to a relevant audience.

Be yourself, it’s your reputation

I enjoy a youtube video, sometimes you get a level of comprehension in the comments but more often than not it’s something like mrSheene and twilight boy trolling the comments. When you are posting content or commenting on other people’s content online, you are doing so to increase your reputation and trust so that your content gets more attention, be yourself. Likewise, when you share your content or opinion online your are effectively putting it out for a vote.

Great content will be well received and get shares, half-boiled boring content posted on a regular basis won’t harm you as such but your followers will lose interest and go elsewhere.

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